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What happens to the family home during an Arkansas divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Divorce

The decisions made about property division during a divorce help establish the foundation for someone’s future. It is important for those preparing for divorce in Arkansas to understand their rights under the law, what usually happens during divorce and what assets they need to share with their spouse.

Higher-value assets are often priority considerations during divorce proceedings. Longer marriages could lead to marital estates worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have to divide their resources and debts as part of the divorce process. Spouses can sometimes cooperate with one another to negotiate their own terms for asset division.

If they go to court, judges apply the equitable distribution standard to the marital estate. The house where the spouses live together might be their main concern as they prepare for divorce. The marital home might be the most valuable asset they own jointly. What do couples do with their homes when they divorce?

One spouse can stay in the home

For some people, retaining possession of the marital home is a top priority during their divorce proceedings. Factors ranging from child custody arrangements to career matters can influence whether someone aspires to keep the marital home. They also need to consider practical issues, like their ability to qualify for a mortgage and maintain the property. Spouses can reach an agreement where one spouse remains in the home and the other receives equity or other property of an equivalent value.

The spouses can sell the home

Perhaps neither spouse can afford the home on their own or neither wants to stay there. Maybe the purchase of the property was recent and there isn’t much equity accrued. The local market could also be very favorable to sellers, making it an ideal time to list the property for maximum return on the investment made. There are many reasons why spouses might decide to sell the marital home and share the proceeds of that transaction. In a small number of circumstances, spouses can arrange to retain joint ownership of the marital home, but doing so is relatively uncommon.

Establishing a fair market value for the home and personal goals for property division proceedings are both smart steps for those preparing for an Arkansas divorce. More valuable assets often require careful consideration as people begin thinking about ending a marital union.