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Most people understand that jail or prison sentences are detrimental to their future. What fewer people realize is that the consequences of a conviction are far greater than a time away from home. A criminal record can stop you from holding certain jobs, stand in the way of your constitutional rights to things like gun ownership and even prevent you from seeing your kids.

If you’ve recently been arrested in Northwest Arkansas, reach out to Catterlin & Arnold Law Firm immediately. We have handled thousands of criminal cases. No matter what kinds of charges are against you, we have the knowledge and experience to build you a strong criminal defense.

Catterlin & Arnold Law Firm Knows Your Rights, Whatever Your Charges May Be

No matter what you’ve been arrested for, you want the experience and knowledge of our defense attorneys on your side. Our team has a wide range of experience in criminal law, including defense for felony and misdemeanor cases involving:

No matter how complicated or serious your case, our office is ready and able to support you. The sooner you start your defense, the more power our attorneys have to keep you and your future safe. If you face felony level crimes, it is even more important that you call quickly.

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