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Property Division Is A Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Today is the time to protect your future and ensure your financial well-being. No one wants to have a contentious divorce, and property division can be one of the tensest processes in your divorce proceedings. However, this is the only opportunity most divorcees have to protect their future and way of life from a devastating financial outcome.

At Catterlin & Arnold Law Firm, our goal is always to maximize your financial standing while also maintaining a civil and respectful relationship whenever possible. Our family law attorneys will fight for you at every turn and use their legal experience to help you negotiate a fair settlement. For guidance throughout your divorce and for all your family law issues, call our Lowell office at 479-339-0778.

The Factors At Play In Property Division

The court in Arkansas does not necessarily split property in half after a divorce. Instead, it strives for a division that is fair or “equitable.” In reality, this may look like:

  • One party giving up a house in exchange for their business
  • The courts awarding greater assets to a person who paid for their ex’s education
  • Offering a payout to an ex in order to maintain a pension or investment in full

There is room to negotiate, and the courts will typically uphold an outside agreement between exes if both exes consent to the agreement.

Make The Right Decisions About Your Financial Future

If you are going through a divorce, you need to make sure you have a legal team that will fight for your future and keep you focused on moving forward. Get property division guidance from our office.