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Catterlin & Arnold Law Firm Fights For Arkansans After Debilitating Car Wrecks

After the dust clears and the emergency room visit calms down, you start to worry – how will you afford the medical bills? Will you be able to work? What happens next? If you are looking for answers and a lawyer who cares, you are in the right place.

At Catterlin & Arnold Law Firm, our attorneys are fighters. We are not afraid to demand your fair treatment from insurance companies that would otherwise deny your claim. Learn more about your rights as a victim and how we can support you at your first consultation.

Who Is Responsible For Arkansas Car Accidents?

Personal injury cases focus on the issue of liability for an accident. Essentially, they are looking to determine who, if anyone, was responsible for the crash. Issues like distracted driving, ignoring stop signs and other dangerous driving often are the primary causes for an accident.

The courts determine if your behavior or that of another driver contributed to the accident. Then, they use that to determine the responsible (also known as “liable”) party. A successful case will establish that the other party is liable and then hold them responsible for damage, often including compensation for your medical care, your lost work time and other expenses.

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