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What are the different types of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Many residents of Arkansas face domestic violence at the hand of someone close to them. This might be a family member, significant other or roommate. Several types of domestic violence are common.


When domestic violence is physical, it involves the use of force against a victim. Any type of violent physical action toward the person such as hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, shoving, biting, grabbing or anything else often results in physical injuries. Physical domestic violence is the most prevalent form reported.


Emotional abuse is perpetrated to rob the victim of their self-worth. It’s common in domestic violence situations involving couples when one partner continuously criticizes, insults, belittles and manipulates the other. It’s common for victims of abuse to consider this form of domestic violence worse than physical abuse due to the way their emotional scars linger.


Psychological domestic violence means that the abuser constantly instills fear in the victim. They often use threats of harm to the victim, their children, pets, or even themselves. Stalking and mind games are common with psychological abuse. Sometimes, the perpetrator will damage property.


Some instances of domestic violence are sexual. This means that the abuser may rape the victim or perpetrate other types of sexual violations to make the victim feel as though they are dirty and worthless. Unfortunately, it is one of the partners’ most common forms of domestic violence.


Financial abuse occurs when the abuser makes the victim completely dependent on them for money. For example, a husband might control his wife by forcing her to quit her job or refusing to let her work. Like sexual domestic violence, financial abuse is a common form of control.

Victims of domestic violence don’t have to accept their situation. Getting help and getting out is crucial.