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What should you include in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Child Custody

There are certain points you should address when it comes to negotiating a parenting plan with your estranged Arkansas spouse. A detailed plan should anticipate conflicts that can arise later and contain provisions describing how to resolve them.

Work out a schedule that works for the whole family

The most basic aspect of the parenting plan is setting up a custody schedule that indicates when the child will be with each of you. It should also include when and how child exchanges will be made. When creating the schedule, you should consider:

  • The work schedule of each parent
  • The child care, school and extracurricular activities of the child
  • The locations of the child’s caretaker, school and activities in relation to each parent’s home
  • The schedules of each parent’s additional activities and interests

Establish the family rules

Another important aspect of a parenting plan is setting up family rules and routines to be followed in both households. While it is impossible to think that life with both parents will be exactly alike, setting up shared rules, routines and chores for the households can provide stability for the children. As well, parents can set up rules for how to communicate with each other and even how to introduce new relationships into the child’s life.

Anticipate future issues and how to resolve them

Finally, a parenting plan should also anticipate conflicts that can arise in the near and far future. Even more importantly, they should establish how conflicts will be resolved. For example, while some conflicts might be resolved by a simple, amicable discussion, more complex issues might require the parents to engage a negotiator.

The goal of a parenting plan is to simplify the process to benefit both parents and children. Be open and flexible as you create it.